Instructor dr. Koch Edina
Co-instructor prof.  Richard Ray, Hudacsek Péter
credit 3 required lecture 2 hours/week seminar  1 hour/week
specialization Civil Engineering MSc  grading method    exam         semester        fall               

Based on the knowledge of the BSc’s geotechnical courses the subject deals with the design, construction, maintenance and reconstruction of the earthworks. We pursue that the graduate students will be able to solve these kind of problems individualy after a few years of practice. 

content of lecture

Overview of earth structures and their functions. Basics of embankment foundation design and construction. Method of earthworks material selection. Quality assurance for earthworks. Basic requirements of the embankment materials. Design considerations of cuttings. Maintenance of the earthworks. Typical failures of earthworks and the investigation of the causes. Design of reconstructions. Standards for road- and railway earthworks. Special issues related to flood levies and its directives. Other earthworks.

content of recitation  
Homework assignments        

HW1 Evaluation of english technical paper + presentation
HW2 Design of earthworks I.
HW3 Design of eartworks II. 

midterm exam -
Course grade evaluation
qualifying for final exam  accepted homework assignments 
final exam

Written exam
Two part exam  
Part I consists a 45 minute test of 30 questions
Part II: Solve and discuss a practical earthworks construction/design problem.  (e.g. design embankment foundation for a given site) 


Class activity   10 points
HW1               20 points
HW2               15 points
HW3               15 points
Exam              40 points

0 - 49 point     (1) fail
50 - 61 point   (2) pass
62 - 73 pont    (3) average
74 - 85 pont    (4) good
86 - 100 pont  (5) excellent 


N. A. Trenter: Earthworks: Guide, Thomas Telford, 2001
Robin Fell, Patrick MacGregor, David Stapledon, Graeme Bell: Geotechnical Engineering of Dams, Taylor & Francis, 2005.
I Vanicek, M. Vanicek: Earth strucutres in Transport, Water and Environmental Engineering, Springer, 2008. 


Minna Karstunen & Martino Leoni: Geotechnics of Soft Soils, Focus on ground improvement, CRC Press, 2009. 
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homework assignements
Homework # 3 

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