Instructor dr. Koch Edina
Co-Instructor Hudacsek Péter
credit 4 required lecture 2 hours/week seminar 1 hour/week
specialization Civil engineering- Infrastructure MSc grading method exam        seminar        fall                  

Encourage the development of an engineering attitude that allows graduate engineers to design and construct geotechnical structures for full life cycle by balancing functional requirements, environmental constraints, available technology and economical aspects.

content of lecture


Development of structures, equipments

Piling methods   

Diaphragm wall, pile wall, sheet pile wall

Ground anchors

Ground improvement by grouting 

Jet grouting

Deep mixing


Geotechnical projectmanagement

content of recitation  
Homework assignments        
homework assignements

HF1  Evaluation of English technical paper, presentation
HF2  Solving a technological problem (Proposal)

midterm exam


Course grade evaluation
qualifying for final exam accepted homework assignments 
final exam

Final exam will be offered by 4 occasions through the Neptun system. Examination will be closed book/closed notes.
Two part exam 
−      Part I consists a 45 minute test of 30 questions
−      Part II: Solve and discuss a practical construction/design problem. (e.g. construction design excavation support


Class activity – 30 points, HF1 –10 points, HF2 – 10 points, ITV – 50 point

0   - 49 points  1 unsatisfactory
50 - 61 points 2 satisfactory
62 - 73 points    3 fair
74 - 85 points  4 good
86 - 100 points    5 excellent

resources required

John Woodward: An Introduction to Geotechnical Processes, CRC Press,2005.
U.Smoltzczyk szerk.: Geotechnical Engineering Handbook Volume 1-3, Ernst and Sohn, 2003
Moseley, M. P., Kirsch, K. ed. Ground Improvement. Taylor and Francis, London, 2004.
Ken Fleming, Austin Weltman, Mark Randolph, Keith Elson: Piling Engineering, 3rd Edition, CRC Press, 2014.
Paolo Croce, Alessandro Flora, Giuseppe Modoni: Jet Grouting: Technology, Design and Control, CRC Press, 2014.
Selected papers

resources recommended

Execution of Special Geotechnical works – European Standards

Online sources       
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Szerkezetépítési és Geotechnikai Tanszék Eseménynaptára

Áramszünet a Központi Campuson 2020. augusztus 14. 07:00 - 12:00
Bejelentkezés a 2020/21-es tanév I. 2020. augusztus 18. 06:00 - 2020. augusztus 29. 23:55
Munkaszüneti nap 2020. augusztus 20.