instructor dr. Tóth Ákos, Dr. Ákos Wolf 
credit 3 required Lecture 2 hrs/week Seminar 1 hr/week
specialisation Civil Engineering MSc Grading method    exam         Semester        Spring                    
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Objective Based on previous geotechnical knowlegde, this course is introducing the different tunnel construction methods, the principles of tunnel design and the failures, maintenance and renovation of underground structures.
The topic focuses on the design process of underground structures. The students will be able to determine the main input data for tunnel design, will know the tunnel excavation method, and can choose an adequate tunneling method to solve a specific problem. We are also introducing the principles of waterproofing and tunnel maintenance.
After a successful exam the students will be able to actively participate in tunnel design and excavation processes and after some year of experience they will be able to manage tunnel design and tunnel excavation
Content of lecture Geotechnical design of tunnels
Tunnel construction
Enviromental issues
Risk analysis, risk management
Ground improvement methods
Tunnel excavation methods
Temporary lining
Groundwater, waterproffing
Survey, monitoring
Inner lining, mainenance
Ventilation, fire hazard
Pipe jacking
Content of recitation  Tunnel design, horizontal and vertical alignment
Evaluation of the geotechnical baseline report
Evaluatio of tunnel excavation method based on geology and other issues
Design os femporary lining, waterproofing and final lining
Homework assigment     
Homework assigments  Design of an infrastructure tunnel based on the topics of recitation
Midterm exam -
Course grade evaluation
Qualifying for final exam Participation in 75% of recitation    
Final exam Oral exam
A 20 min presentation about the results of the homework assignment25 min discussion about the chosen alignment, tunneling method and other topics tackled during the semester
Grading The homework assigments and exam will be graded as following
   HF1   15 points
   HF2   10 points
   HF3   15 points
   HF4   10 points
   Exam 50 points

Final grade will be received after a successful final exam as following
0-49 points (1) fall,
50-61 points (2) pass,
62-73 points (3) average,
74-85 points (4) good,
86-100 points (5) excellent
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